See: 80's Youth @ The Ritzy

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

I went along to the launch of new exhibition 80's Youth presented by Printer of Dreams, Upstairs at The Ritzy, the bar and venue above the Ritzy cinema in Brixton to see what it was all about.

The exhibition presents work from 11 of 'London's finest illustrators' who have re-imagined versions of classic 1980's movie posters including E.T and Back To The Future.

While we were disappointed at the lack of promised 80's tunes (I was hoping for some power ballads to be honest) the art work is inspired and got us all chatting about the films and our childhood memories of watching them.

Shanika Says the exhibition is small, but perfect for popping in after work, before a film or if waiting for a friend. It runs until the 6th June. Check out The Ritzy here.

What are some of your favourite 80's films?

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  1. The Lost Boys, Weird Science and Back to The Future Trilogy!!! I'd say those are the top picks. The 80's had some truly awesome movies!