Designers Against Aids

Sunday, 13 May 2012

I recently had the privilege of becoming a friend of the amazing charity, Designers Against Aids. Founded in Belgium in 2004 by Ninette Murk under the mother organisation 'Beauty Without Irony', the aim of Designers Against Aids is to raise awareness of HIV/Aids and to keep the issue in international media. They have a particular interest in reaching young people in the western world which they do by enlisting the help of well known figures in popular culture; musicians, actors, models, sportspeople, designers etc. 

Their primary messages are 'Prevention is the only cure for HIV/AIDS‘ (protect yourself and your partner) and ‘Know your status’ (get tested) which they promote through printing the designs of various celebrities on to T-shirts, hoods, bags and even condom holders. As well as their clothing collection, which they sell through their online store, an initiative called 'Models Agains Aids' where models promote safe sex and an International HIV/Aids awareness centre in Antwerp, they also have a long standing collaboration with H&M. 'Fashion Against Aids', where clothing items are sold in H&M stores in more than 30 countries around the world has been a huge success and artists such as Timbaland, Pharell, Rihanna, Dita von Teese, Katherine Hamnett, Katy Perry and many more have been involved.

What a brilliant organisation, right? I'm very pleased to be involved and doing my bit, however small. Their logo, which is printed on all their goods features the website address, so that everyone who comes across it can head over to the site to read up and find ways to get involved in the cause. So what are you waiting for? Click the link and see for yourself... 

Dirty Dishes

Monday, 7 May 2012

Disclaimer: These were not my dirty dishes! We found a student house (perfect), some vintage furs, a Betty Page roll in my hair and we were good to go. Such a quirky shoot, I loved it.

Paolo Casseb was again behind the lens, Angelina Bianchi on hair, Lexy on make-up and Kirsty Maltby was our creative director.