Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Do you remember back in school days when wearing second hand clothes was worse than being seen with a Primark carrier bag? Oh how times have changed! Now I wear my Primarni with pride and everyone wants a bit of second hand, we just rename it vintage. I love going vintage shopping, Camden is great for it and I've got some fabulous bits down in Brighton too. 

Knowing you have a unique piece that you won't see 3 other girls wearing on Friday night is a great feeling, and one I don't mind paying a bit for but if I'm honest, I'm my mothers daughter and I love a bargain. You can get some great bits down at a car boot sale for a fraction of the price you would pay in Camden or Portobello Road markets, so when a good friend of mine showed me this great car boot sale in Chiswick, I fell in love! Every few months I go along for some amazing goodies and the snap above is just a few of the bits I picked up on my last trip. For those of you who rejoice in a good deal, I got T-shirts and blouses for 30p, jumpers for £2 (one I only had £1.80 so I made my best offer and he accepted) and that 90's looking jacket in the pic was £9...less than a tenner! The stall owners let you haggle a bit although I'm quite crap at that, I make my friends do it for me. I've even tried getting rid of some of my own junk there but you have to get there at like 3am to get a good spot and it's real cold in the winter...much better to shop!

Lady Of The Manor

Saturday, 10 December 2011

So this shoot was cut short as we were thrown off private property for trespassing... ooops! All very dramatic (shout out to the crazy park warden). To Be Continued!

Photography: Paolo Casseb
Styling: Juan Arias
Make up: Mariella Amodeo
Hair: Simon John-Lewis