Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Do you remember back in school days when wearing second hand clothes was worse than being seen with a Primark carrier bag? Oh how times have changed! Now I wear my Primarni with pride and everyone wants a bit of second hand, we just rename it vintage. I love going vintage shopping, Camden is great for it and I've got some fabulous bits down in Brighton too. 

Knowing you have a unique piece that you won't see 3 other girls wearing on Friday night is a great feeling, and one I don't mind paying a bit for but if I'm honest, I'm my mothers daughter and I love a bargain. You can get some great bits down at a car boot sale for a fraction of the price you would pay in Camden or Portobello Road markets, so when a good friend of mine showed me this great car boot sale in Chiswick, I fell in love! Every few months I go along for some amazing goodies and the snap above is just a few of the bits I picked up on my last trip. For those of you who rejoice in a good deal, I got T-shirts and blouses for 30p, jumpers for £2 (one I only had £1.80 so I made my best offer and he accepted) and that 90's looking jacket in the pic was £9...less than a tenner! The stall owners let you haggle a bit although I'm quite crap at that, I make my friends do it for me. I've even tried getting rid of some of my own junk there but you have to get there at like 3am to get a good spot and it's real cold in the winter...much better to shop!

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