The Brightest Star

Monday, 23 April 2012

Your star blazes so bright that it blinds,
Temporarily dazzled by the luminosity of the sparks it is easy for one not to see that despite your light,
Your wish for us is to remain in darkness
Shrouded in pain and insignificance,
For you steeled your heart to light this fire and all that is left inside you is ice.
You will not let the flame diminish and you don't care who you burn in order to ensure that

But you have forgotten
That people are afraid to of being burnt so they won't get too close
And they will retreat completely once it dawns that you want to destroy their star,
Lest it detract from yours.
I wonder if you will regret your choices when all that is left are the embers of a brilliant life, cruelly lived.

All The Fun Of The Fairfax Flea

Sunday, 22 April 2012

The first time I visited Los Angeles I was told I should like, totally check out the flea market at Fairfax. I fell in love with it straight away, so when I was back in La la land last month I just knew I had to fit it in. The Fairfax Flea Market takes place every Sunday and I was out there for two weeks; perfect, 2 opportunities to go and get rummaging. Except the first Sunday bucketed down with rain (and I was very hungover) so I didn't leave the house. Luckily the next Sunday, a few days before I flew back to London, was a gorgeous sunny LA day, so I spent a few hours down there.

The flea market is held in the parking lot of the Fairfax high School, right on the corner of Fairfax and Melrose, conveniently two of my fave shopping streets in West Hollywood. With the weather being so lovely and all, the market which is open from 9-5, was incredibly busy. It has 2 manned entrances where you pay your $2, get a stamp and you're good for the day. The aisles of stalls seemed endless and there is lots on offer.

Vintage everything is everywhere; numerous stalls selling vintage clothes, shoes and jewellery or you can kit out your place with unique antique furniture and cool art and posters. They have a huge sunglasses stall there and lots of stalls that customise stuff too. I managed to get a cute cut off T-shirt with a college mascot on for $3 and and incredible black jumpsuit with epic shoulder pads for $5...expect to see me rocking it at an event soon! I really wanted some vintage Levi shorts but didn't find the perfect pair...I will be back!
I wanted this dress!

The crowd at Fairfax is a nice mix of family's, tourists and cool locals. There were lots of trendy young things strutting about on their search for something different; half the fun is peeping the relaxed chic style of the LA hipsters and getting inspiration. I'd definitely recommend heading down there if you're ever in the City of Angels.
I asked these two if I could take a snap and they were Scots! Flying the flag for British style, they looked very cool.

Pin Up Girl

Thursday, 19 April 2012

This was one of those fun, experimental shoots that just kinda happened perfectly. I have a great working relationship and friendship with photographer Paolo Casseb and we had been planning to do a shoot together for some time. When we were batting ideas around I mentioned a 1950's type theme and within a few hours, Paolo had come back to me saying his friend, Kirsty Maltby, a designer, had lots of pieces we could borrow for the shoot. So far so good!

Paolo and I had never done a studio shoot together before and we were under a lot of time constraints but we worked fast and the pictures came out brilliantly! As soon as I put on this vintage red swimsuit I felt like a modern day Marilyn Monroe and I would have tried to sneak the vintage YSL sunglasses away with me, except they belong to his mum!

Angelina knocked these hair styles up in about 10 minutes flat and I remember a lot of Kreyshawn (!) playing in the background.

Photography: Paolo Casseb
Styling/Art Direction: Kirsty Maltby
Hair: Angelina Bianchi
Make-up: Lexxy