Pin Up Girl

Thursday, 19 April 2012

This was one of those fun, experimental shoots that just kinda happened perfectly. I have a great working relationship and friendship with photographer Paolo Casseb and we had been planning to do a shoot together for some time. When we were batting ideas around I mentioned a 1950's type theme and within a few hours, Paolo had come back to me saying his friend, Kirsty Maltby, a designer, had lots of pieces we could borrow for the shoot. So far so good!

Paolo and I had never done a studio shoot together before and we were under a lot of time constraints but we worked fast and the pictures came out brilliantly! As soon as I put on this vintage red swimsuit I felt like a modern day Marilyn Monroe and I would have tried to sneak the vintage YSL sunglasses away with me, except they belong to his mum!

Angelina knocked these hair styles up in about 10 minutes flat and I remember a lot of Kreyshawn (!) playing in the background.

Photography: Paolo Casseb
Styling/Art Direction: Kirsty Maltby
Hair: Angelina Bianchi
Make-up: Lexxy

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