Product Review: Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in Super Strawberry

Thursday, 24 July 2014

I got this chubby stick as a freebie with this months Glamour magazine. I had to reaaaally search for it as most shops only seemed to be selling copies with the Dramatically Different moisturiser but I eventually found one hidden away.

The stick is a good size; chunky but still small enough to stash in a clutch on a night out. Colour wise, it's a warm pink and is dense in pigment making my lips that perfect just-been-eating-berries kind of shade, a few brighter than my natural colour.

It's softer and more natural looking than a lipstick so perfect for summer but as a balm it doesn't really cut it. The chubby stick glides on nice and softly but doesn't retain that 'balm' feel, I actually found it dries out quite quickly. With lips as big as mine that is a big problem!
While the colour remains, I found my lips were dry much quicker than if I were to use my Lucas pap-paw ointment or even some classic Vaseline.

The colour is good however, so I'd recommend applying your regular balm to moisturise your lips first and to treat the chubby stick as you would a lipstick, for a pop of colour.

Rating: 5/10

Grease is the Word! - Drive-In Film Club

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Why don't we have more drive-in cinemas in London? One even features in Grease which is set in the 1950's yet they are so rare over here. Probably down to our dodgy weather I know, but the sultry weather we've been having lately suits them perfectly.

This week I went a long to the first night of the summertime run of the Drive-In Film Club, by the people at Experience Cinema and what could be a better opening night film than Grease? Grease the Sing-a-Long!

Situated in the south car park at Brent Cross Shopping Centre in North/West London, we got a little lost trying to find it at first but it is really well signed once you get into the (wrong) car park and we were able to follow the signs there. It's not a hugely glamourous affair but who needs glamour when you're being so all American, watching a movie with a pal or a partner - in your car!

We pulled up and showed our e-ticket (it's £22 per car regardless of the number of occupants) and were given a handout with some info about the night including the frequency we would need to tune into to hear the film in the car. We checked out a couple of vendors selling hot-dogs and popcorn as well as the toilet cabin, before being shown to our parking space. We'd arrived just before the film started so the car park was pretty busy already. After a quick announcement over the PA, we joined Sandy, Danny, Rizzo and the gang at Rydell High, singing along to the lyrics that appeared on the screen.

It was a balmy night so there were cars with their tops down and there was a lovely vibe, people all singing along and swaying their hands in the air to 'Hopelessly Devoted'.
Waiters and waitresses on rollerskates are also on hand to deliver sweets, drinks and popcorn to your car if you give them a flash of your headlights to catch their attention!
There didn't seem to be any rule against bringing your own goodies either, so we had a few of those in my car. We watched, sang a long and generally had a great night.
Sing with me now "We will togetherrrrrr"

The Drive-In Film Club is at Brent Cross until the 9th august and will be showing classics like Top Gun and Dirty Dancing, Ryan Gosling overload with both Drive and The Notebook and newer films like Locke starring Tom Hardy and Her with Joaquin Phoenix, both of which I'm pretty desperate to see as I missed them at the cinema. Just gotta persuade the Boy now...

Triangl Bikini - Twiggy Stardust

Friday, 18 July 2014

I must admit, I was getting a bit of blogger envy seeing all the gorgeous Triangl bikinis on some of my fave blogs, so I was very happy when the lovely Emma from Triangl, the Australian underwear and swimwear brand contacted me and offered to send me one.

I chose a sleek and sexy black bikini with a killer name - Twiggy Stardust. Check out the Triangl site if you wanna grab an eye catching bikini this summer; they have a really comprehensive sizing guide with practical, relatable advice.

It even comes with it's own little matching beach bag which is the perfect size for stashing a book, suntan lotion and a bottle of water but not so bag you end up stuffing it with loads of crap you don't even need at the beach!

The Twiggy Stardust - c/o Triangl Swimwear

I just need to book that beach holiday now so I can get some wear out of it. And take some photos of me wearing it of course!

Camden Lock Live

Sunday, 13 July 2014

On Friday I headed up to Camden for their free boutique one day festival, Camden Lock Live. The weather was a bit rubbish but all the fun and colour certainly made up for it!

With a live music stage, dance stage offering both performances and classes and food stalls serving up treats from all over the world it was definitely a fun afternoon out.

I thought I'd try some Columbian food and went for a vegan Empanada which is a gluten free dough parcel stuffed with mixed black beans, red peppers, onion and sweet potato and served with plantain crisps, salad and a special salsa.

We caught some acoustic performances and wondered round some of the indoor boutiques before discovering the art of Bone Crushing...crazy dancing with arms and legs twisting in all kinds of directions! It was the kind of thing you kept looking away from because it makes you feel sick...but you keep peeking through your fingers. Incredible!

We soon found ourselves in the Reggae Roast tent enjoying some reggae vibes and Wray and Nephew rum punch. Two of those had me smiling wiiiiiide!

The festival was quite small and contained but I think it is one that could run and run. I hope to see it back next year and maybe on a weekend instead of a week day.

Sunday Funday Part 2

Monday, 7 July 2014

After finishing at Somerset House (we took in the Museum of Water too) we headed down to the Southbank for the opening weekend of their Festival of Love.

Let's talk about love! Over the next two months and in celebration of the Same Sex Couples Act, there will be a series of free events, talks, pop-ups, installations, poetry reading down at the Southbank...all that and more! We headed down for opening weekend.

Apparently the Ancient Greeks had over 30 different words for different types of love, but they've chosen 7 kinds to focus on:

Eros: Romantic and Erotic love
Ludus: Flirting, playful affection
Philia: Shared experience
Philautia: Self-respect
Pragma: Love which endures
Storge: Family love
Agape: Love for humanity

 We had a saucy poem read to could pick the blush level from 1-10. Obviously I went for 10! It wasn't that saucy if I'm honest but it was pretty cool and we were given a short poem to take away with us.

Artists drew dating profiles for people. They were incredibly talented, whipping them up in about 15 minutes. You told them what you're into and what you were looking for in a partner and they incorporated it all into the picture. I was the very last person so mine wasn't as detailed as the ones above but I still loved it.

The Tunnel of Love was kitschy, saucy fun. Red lit, there were pictures of hearthrobs lining the walls, pop playing and a wall to leave your notes for anyone you'd spotted that you fancied.

One of the big installations outside..not quite finished yet but soon will be I'm sure.

Lastly over to the Heartbreak Hotel for all the broken hearted!

This hotline had a Barry White type voice inviting me back over to the Tunnel of Love!

I'd seen on Instagram when someone had visited the Museum of Broken relationships last year but never got around to going so was really chuffed that the Festival of Love had got it back in the Heartbreak Hotel.

Filled with objects that people have donated that symbolise the end of a relationship and accompanied by an explanation, it is a rare look at how someone can come into your life, change your world and then eventually that love can be over. I was impressed by how many same sex relationships were included and found the whole idea fascinating. I wonder what I would put in from some of my old relationships. What would you?

Reading some of the confessions was both heartbreaking and hilarious!

The Festival of Love runs until the 31st August and is great fun for all ages...obviously check the activities first!