Camden Lock Live

Sunday, 13 July 2014

On Friday I headed up to Camden for their free boutique one day festival, Camden Lock Live. The weather was a bit rubbish but all the fun and colour certainly made up for it!

With a live music stage, dance stage offering both performances and classes and food stalls serving up treats from all over the world it was definitely a fun afternoon out.

I thought I'd try some Columbian food and went for a vegan Empanada which is a gluten free dough parcel stuffed with mixed black beans, red peppers, onion and sweet potato and served with plantain crisps, salad and a special salsa.

We caught some acoustic performances and wondered round some of the indoor boutiques before discovering the art of Bone Crushing...crazy dancing with arms and legs twisting in all kinds of directions! It was the kind of thing you kept looking away from because it makes you feel sick...but you keep peeking through your fingers. Incredible!

We soon found ourselves in the Reggae Roast tent enjoying some reggae vibes and Wray and Nephew rum punch. Two of those had me smiling wiiiiiide!

The festival was quite small and contained but I think it is one that could run and run. I hope to see it back next year and maybe on a weekend instead of a week day.

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