Sunday Funday

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Some Sundays, I want to spend the whole day in bed drinking tea and watching films. And other Sundays there is so much I want to do and explore in my beautiful city of London. So if you're stuck for some ideas, here's what I got up to last Sunday.

Originally, I wanted to go for brunch at M1lk in Balham, as I'd seen something about it recently and was eager to try it out for myself. When we arrived however, there was a big long queue out into the street, it was really busy and most people were being squashed together at tables outside, and while it was sunny it wasn't exactly hot. It was unfortunately a huge turn off, I had a sulk and demanded we leave our spot in the queue and find somewhere else.

Luckily I quickly thought of The Exhibit, a multi-purpose venue that's probably my favourite spot in Balham. I've been there for an engagement party in the bar and birthday parties in the private screening room, and have of course eaten at the Diner...but never brunch. So we headed over there, and while there was a steady flow of people looking for their Sunday brunch fix, it was not packed and the staff were able to be attentive.

Me pretending I'm not hungry!

We both went for the Veggie breakfast. It was actually delish! Quorn sausages, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, hash browns, scrambled eggs, beans (in a pot!) and toast...seriously yummy!

The Diner at The Exhibit does laid back Americana so so well with their jukebox and huge canvases of remote US diners plus you should see some of the deals for food during the week! 2-4-1 ribs on a Thursday... 2 courses and a cinema ticket for £15.90 on a Tuesday and Wednesday plus loads more!

After filling our bellies we headed down to Somerset House to see the Return of the Rudeboy exhibition, which is free. Dubbed "London's most stylish new exhibition" by GQ magazine, it was created and curated by Dean Chalkey and Harris Elliot and explores Rudeboy fashion, which originated in Jamaica in the late 1950's. Bespoke briefcases, luggage and hat boxes mix with huge portraits of London's modern 'Rudie's, all possessing a sharp sartorial style and a backdrop of sweet reggae music plays. Oh and there's a Rudeboy barbershop on Thursdays and Saturdays!

Who recognises the man in the middle?!

Pretty much how I imagine my mum dressing in the early Eighties...

I knew quite a few of those photographed.

Mr La incredibly tall and lovely apprentice hat maker. Seen here in one of his signature hats although he is currently Mr Hatless, having given up hats for a while to raise money for charity! Click this link to sponsor him.

The always charming and stylish apron maker Nigel Ruwende.

The very flyy Martell 'Mr Flyy' Campbell, designer and blogger alongside his sister Donya-Patrice Campbell. What a stylish family!

Me checking out my good friend and celebrity stylist Ayishat Akanbi. There were only a few girls in the exhibition so I was very proud of her!

 The exhibition looked at presentation and clothing, but it was more than that, it showed so much of a culture that I come from, looking at ideas like 'Sunday Best'. I only wished it was bigger!

Our day wasn't over after all this...but I think I'll save the rest for a separate post!


  1. I need to check out this exhibition! x

    Shan i need to stop looking at your blog cos you make me fat.... and your just... you know what you are! :P

  2. I love your skirt!!!