Sunday Funday Part 2

Monday, 7 July 2014

After finishing at Somerset House (we took in the Museum of Water too) we headed down to the Southbank for the opening weekend of their Festival of Love.

Let's talk about love! Over the next two months and in celebration of the Same Sex Couples Act, there will be a series of free events, talks, pop-ups, installations, poetry reading down at the Southbank...all that and more! We headed down for opening weekend.

Apparently the Ancient Greeks had over 30 different words for different types of love, but they've chosen 7 kinds to focus on:

Eros: Romantic and Erotic love
Ludus: Flirting, playful affection
Philia: Shared experience
Philautia: Self-respect
Pragma: Love which endures
Storge: Family love
Agape: Love for humanity

 We had a saucy poem read to could pick the blush level from 1-10. Obviously I went for 10! It wasn't that saucy if I'm honest but it was pretty cool and we were given a short poem to take away with us.

Artists drew dating profiles for people. They were incredibly talented, whipping them up in about 15 minutes. You told them what you're into and what you were looking for in a partner and they incorporated it all into the picture. I was the very last person so mine wasn't as detailed as the ones above but I still loved it.

The Tunnel of Love was kitschy, saucy fun. Red lit, there were pictures of hearthrobs lining the walls, pop playing and a wall to leave your notes for anyone you'd spotted that you fancied.

One of the big installations outside..not quite finished yet but soon will be I'm sure.

Lastly over to the Heartbreak Hotel for all the broken hearted!

This hotline had a Barry White type voice inviting me back over to the Tunnel of Love!

I'd seen on Instagram when someone had visited the Museum of Broken relationships last year but never got around to going so was really chuffed that the Festival of Love had got it back in the Heartbreak Hotel.

Filled with objects that people have donated that symbolise the end of a relationship and accompanied by an explanation, it is a rare look at how someone can come into your life, change your world and then eventually that love can be over. I was impressed by how many same sex relationships were included and found the whole idea fascinating. I wonder what I would put in from some of my old relationships. What would you?

Reading some of the confessions was both heartbreaking and hilarious!

The Festival of Love runs until the 31st August and is great fun for all ages...obviously check the activities first!


  1. Hi there!! Such fun and fabulous posts, I loved how you spent your Sunday and you certainly packed a lot in, the Rudeboy exhibition and Festival of Love both look amazing thanks for sharing!! Xx