Friday, 23 March 2012

P.D.A's. Public Displays of Affection. The Tube is the place to spot them it would seem. This 'affection' can be displayed in a number of ways, and like most people, some of these ways make me want to throw up my breakfast. For me, full on tongue sarnies on the Central line are not cool, ever. Watching a couple swap saliva opposite me on the Underground is awful; finding somewhere to avert your eyes suddenly becomes a necessary skill for travel or a weird curiosity might take hold and your eyes can't help but flicker over at exactly the wrong he...oh my God he is...his tongue is in her ear! 

A late train home on a Friday or Saturday night has even more x-rated sights on display. Bolstered by a few cocktails, inhibitions are lowered, people are bolder and less bothered about an audience. You may see a hand disappear under a mac and people begin to believe that lap dancing is acceptable.

But on the other hand. Sometimes I will glance up from my Metro to see a couple sharing a secret smile across the carriage and you can tell that no matter how pressed up they are into somebody else's armpit, they really can't see anybody else. Recently I saw a young tourist couple standing in the crush of commuters and the guy gently brushed his girlfriend's hair from her eyes and kissed her cheek. It was a genuinely tender moment that made me smile instead of feel sick.

The cutest moments though are when I see old couples together on the Tube and the old man will be a gentleman and ensure his wife gets a seat and she will smile at him gratefully. Makes me believe in love. Even on London Underground.


MONKI Business

Friday, 16 March 2012

Last week I went to the launch of the flagship Monki store on Carnaby Street, and if the store is anything like the party was, it's gonna be very successful! Monki are a cool relatively new Swedish brand and the concession in Selfridges has done remarkably well, so obviously London are crying out for a stand alone store.

A cool mix of fashion-y types, stylists and the like as well as up and coming music artists such as Cleo Sol and Etta Bond were all in attendance showing Monki definitely have eyes on what's hot next as well as what's hot now.

How sick is this T? My toilet queue friend said she got it here

The 2-floor concept store 'The Sea of Scallops', is very cool, lots of mirrors making it look very futuristic stylistically. I particularly loved the curved stair case where I took this photo.

The shop was filled with black and silver Monki balloons and as well as the standard rails there are a double of table stands dotted about, all of which had a few copies of the Monki magazine. I saw a lot of pattern and print, some luxe jersey in khaki tones and some funky rings and chains caught my eye too.

The cocktails were flowing (my fave was the apple sour) and if you went upstairs you could get crazy eye lashes or make up done. Unfortunately I wasn't brave enough so I have no snaps of that!

DJ Yasmin was spinning on the decks, plenty of 90's and early naughties R'n'B and hip hop had the crowd partying hard...well I certainly was!

The top I have on in the picture is the Malaena top from Monki and says 'Welcome to the Jungle'.