New Year, New You?

Sunday, 1 January 2012

What's your New Years Resolution? So many people have become cynical about New Years and say they don't believe in resolutions because we all give up by the second week of January anyway, or go off on one about not needing it to be the start of the new year to do something. I agree with the 'why wait?' school of thought in that if you want to try something or change something you should go for it, be it August 1st or Jnauary 1st.


I think there's something quite beautiful about us all wanting our next year to be better than our last and making that extra effort, even if only for a little while has got to be better than making no effort at all, which quite frankly will probably be the case for many.

I started 2012 in Thailand with friends and just after midnight, the fireworks and champagne, we sent hand written notes with our hopes, dreams and wishes for the year ahead up to the sky in burning lanterns. I like to think some of them will come true...

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  1. Nice great insight wise words. Wish you the best in the cumming new year.