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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Watch out Nando's, there's a new chicken restaurant in town. Serving up skewers, wings, salads and burgers with 'world flavours' such as Jerk, Cajun BBQ, Katsu, Tandoori and Miso Teriyaki, Gallus Restaurant's plush booths and sleek breakfast bar are all muted shades and chic simplicity in contrast to to the gaudy warm colours of everyone's favourite chicken chain. The simple touches of the metal buckets of cutlery and Gallus reward cards on the tables make all the difference at this restaurant that promises 'good honest food the healthier way'.

I started with a strawberry milkshake - made with yoghurt rather than ice-cream it's lighter and fresher than a traditional milkshake, in keeping with the healthy-ish vibe.

But that all went out the window when the glorious burgers arrived. For the boy, the Gallus burger, a chicken burger served with homemade Gallus burger sauce.

And for me possibly the best portobello mushroom burger I've ever had. Served on a super soft seeded bun with halloumi cheese, roasted mixed pepper and garlic mayo I was in veggie burger heaven...

Sides wise - skin on wedges and coleslaw complimented our burgers but it was the corn on the cob that won the prize for best side on the menu. Why have I never squeezed fresh lime on corn on the cob before? Or had corn with chilli butter? Delicious really.

I told you that corn was demolished!

For dessert we shared a light fluffy chocolate brownie with ice cream and the brownie was just chocolatey enough. You know how sometimes brownies can be too dry or too rich and chocolatey? Yeah well this wasn't. Just right.

The service was attentive and it wasn't very busy when we were there, perhaps because it was quite late but I can't imagine that Gallus will stay low key for much longer. This chicken restaurant is making its mark.

Shanika Says: Get down there before everyone jumps on the hype and say you were one of the first.

Gallus Restaurants
103 Charing Cross Road

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