Eat: When Mac Met Cheese

Saturday, 3 May 2014

I finally got to try this pop-up restaurant that serves the greatest of comfort foods - Mac 'n' Cheese. I say finally because I tried to go late on a Saturday night and they were no longer serving food as the kitchen had closed; kitchen closes at 10 and doesn't open until 6 on a weekday so you only have a very short window to get served here. But I popped along this week and was glad I made the effort to go back.

All wooden floors and black art painted on white walls, this pop-up is the ultimate in laid back cool, from the chilled alternative R'n'B soundtrack playing to the young trendy staff.

I started as I usually do...with a cocktail.

Lychee Martini - lusciously sweet, tasted like pure lychee, could be dangerous!

Macancini's to start.

The jalapeno and cheddar was just the right side of spicy without burning your mouth off.

The truffle and wild mushroom had a lovely nutty flavour. The cheese was very hot though when we broke into the breadcrumb balls so approach with caution!

I didn't really like that the mac'n'cheese was served in take-away boxes if I'm honest, felt a bit cheap.
Although i expected the actual mac 'n' cheese to be a bit more solid, the oozy cheese did really work.

Carlos The Cactus: Mature cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan, jalepenos rocket and sun-blushed plum tomatoes

Very nice even though they were regular cherry tomatoes inside. The jalapenos added another flavour.

Cheesy Green Afro: Vintage stilton, mozzarella and broccoli.

The strong taste of the stilton complimented the broccoli perfectly!
We went out afterwards and were still really full despite the modest portion sizes.

For dessert there's only one thing on the menu and that's Deep Fried Oreos!

Heart attack in a bowl or delicacy? You decide!

With weekly specials, Shanika Says if Mac 'n' Cheese is your thing go and try some different flavours. When Mac Mac Met Cheese is at 43-45 Porchester Road Bayswater until 5th June.


  1. Ooh nom nom indeed, looks delicious! xx

  2. woow Looks seriously delicious!