Eat: Earlham Street Clubhouse

Monday, 26 May 2014

Nineties nostalgia, pizzas and cocktails - Earlham Street Clubhouse down in Covent Garden excels at them all.
As soon as I arrived I felt like an American college student, the entire building is designed to look like a frat house and the attention to detail is immense; Nineties advertising images, a jukebox, college sports team paraphernalia and some random objects like a mermaid. Everybody remembers stealing random stuff like traffic cones and cafe signs to bring back to their student digs after a drunken freshers night so this felt fully authentic. You didn't do that at uni? Oh. Just me and my uni pals then, who I happened to attend Earlham Street Clubhouse with. My friends and I are dubbed 'Group A' and we are kind of our own version of a sorority without an annoying 'kappa gamma bamma boo' song.

We started at the bar where the drinks menus hang from the ceiling (we broke at least two of these...ooops!)

All of the cocktails are named after or reference 90's films and culture. I don't think I need to even say how excited this made me! The drinks are specially designed by award winning cocktail guys Soulshakers and offer a 'modern touch on many classics'.

I started with a Cruel Intentions (love that film) and the others had Heather's Revenge, Milky Bar Kid and Rolling With The Homies (Clueless!)

We headed to our booth which are cute, darkly lit nooks with phones to call the other tables. Dreamphone anyone?

All that's on the menu is pizza. Well if you're sick at one thing why bother with anything else?

Any ideas what gassed me about the menu?
We all decided to Ross and Rachel (WE WERE ON A BREAK!!!) and go half and half on 20" pizzas - between 6 we ordered everything on the menu. We managed to fit the huge wooden slabs that housed the pizzas on our table, no easy task with all our cocktails!

I had an American Beauty; thin crispy base, gooey cheese, delicate shavings of grilled aubergine and courgette and peppers. The Plain Jane was a simple classic - not too dry, not too tomatoey.

There were no complaints from the meat eaters either...

The cocktails and chatter kept flowing for so long we didn't have the time or space to try the Crodough, the very latest in food hybrids...but I will next time!

Even the toilets are plastered with yearbook photos of celebrities when they were young, I wish I'd got a photo of those!
The music was in keeping with the theme and actually incredible - we rocked out to Sisqo Thong Song, The Fugees Ready or Not and Bobby Brown Two Can Play That Game among others

Shanika Says - there are only 7 booths so I'd advise booking especially if you plan to go on a Friday or Saturday or in a large group.
Oh and you are never too old to mess about on the phones.

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