Shan the Mannequin

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Sometimes, it can feel like I'm a mannequin, what with the career I've chosen. Learning lines for auditions, learning to love and dream of playing characters I never get to play because I don't get the part. Even the day job I have is freelance, so it's often a matter of putting on a bit of a display, looking my best and trying to get work.

What I've learned is important over the years, is finding days or moments that are golden, despite the ups and downs of life, the lack of work, messing up auditions or doing brilliant auditions and still not getting the part because you're too tall or don't look right. I need to find golden days to stop myself feeling like a mannequin.

Dress | Primark
Ballet pumps | Primark
Red bag | Bessie via my Aunt's shop

These photos were taken on a day in central London with my little sister; lunch in Soho square, a wander around Soho, snooping around Carnaby Street and Beyond Retro, milkshakes outside in the sun. A golden day.

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