Go: Grimm Tales @ OXO Tower Wharf

Sunday, 5 April 2015

So, once you're over the bunnies and chocolate of Easter, why not try something a little darker...

Grimm Tales by Philip Pullman, has taken over the cavernous Bargehouse at the Oxo Tower Wharf down on South Bank, for an immersive theatre experience for young and old. An eerie atmosphere seeps out of every nook and cranny of the 5 floor building which has been dressed to peculiar and terrifying perfection from the creepy photos on the walls to the wood chip floors and ghostly dresses hanging from the ceiling.

Just me or does this look like a young and weird Cara Delevingne set of twins?

While you can't take photographs while the actors perform, you are welcome to take photos between tales as you move through the building and as many as you want afterwards. The tales are mostly ones I'd never heard like Faithful Johannes and The Goosegirl at the Spring, and the cast are brilliant at involving the audience from the very beginning, shooting evil death stares and scampering up walls as we found our seats.

Me in the coat from 'Thousandfurs' a quite uncomfortable tale that featured a scary incest storyline..the only one that cut it a little close to the mark, the rest were completely child accessible without losing their USP of scariness.

Re-enacting the Snow White kisses!

The Grimm Tales must finish on April 11th, so if you're looking for an something a bit creepy to do...
While the performance is immersive and you move around the building there is no actual audience participation so you don't need to worry about the actors dragging you up or anything and while the Tales aren't super scary as children are welcome, and we didn't get to see Hansel and Gretel which we were pretty devastated about, it's worth going for the incredible set alone. Every space has been occupied by something weird or eerie and the attention to detail is amazing. Well worth a trip to the dark side.

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