More Birthday Eats: OXO Tower Brasserie

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

As a late birthday treat, two of my oldest and dearest friends took me on a day out. Knowing I'd prefer doing something to having something (well we have been friends for 17 years nearly!) we went to the Jamaican Hidden Histories Exhibition at OXO Tower Wharf, which was very interesting as I'm half Jamaican, followed by lunch. Unfortunately they wouldn't let me use my camera at the exhibition but I got some lovely pics of the River Thames from the viewing platform at the OXO Tower Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie.

A cheeky cocktail and some bubbles...would be rude not to!

My starter of Rocchetta Cheese; puntarella, roasted Portobello mushroom, lemon truffle honey dressing. The cheese was literally so melty, if you get what I mean and had a sweetness that really complimented the nutty flavour of the mushrooms.

Tofu - they have an extensive vegetarian and vegan menu and were very helpful, telling us they could modify dishes to meet our needs should we wish.

Pan fried marinated squid; magno chorizo, skordalia, mustard seed dressing.

No boring vegan meal - a lightly spiced dal with caulifower and popadoms.

Sesame seared tuna; Asian slaw, chilli caramel, sweetcorn fritters, sesame mayonnaise. The tuna was perfect! Seared perfectly with a herb crust, the tuna was tender without feeling alive on my plate. The seweetcorn fritter was substantial and I would have liked another but actually there was soo much tuna I didn't know if I would finish... The chilli caramel added an unexpected sweetness to the whole dish.

Pan fried duck breast; red wine roasted apple, buoudin noir croquette, tarragon mustard, crispy kale. I didn't try the duck but my friend said she had never tasted an apple like it!

Vegan chocolate cake and mango sorbet.

Flourless cake...and the most amazing, thick swirl of salted caramel.

Great birthday present girls, thanks!

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