Go: Coca-Cola Contour Centenary Bar

Friday, 20 March 2015

Happy Birthday Coke bottle! I've always wanted to be one of those girls whose bodies could be described as a Coca Cola bottle, alas I am not so curvaceous...

The Coca-Cola bottle has been around for 100 years, can you believe it? To celebrate, there is a pop up bar down in Soho for a few days only, so get down there to be transported back to 1915...and to drink some free Coke!

Some of the iconic Coca-Cola advertising from the past 100 years featured on one entire wall.

Who remembers the polar bears? I do!

Coke also asked some of today's best artists and designers to come up with new Coca-Cola images only using the colours black, white and coke red. Above are a couple of new interpretations.

Rita Ora had popped a long to open the centenary bar earlier in the day. Red really is her colour!

There was also a very cool photo booth out back, complete with props, where you can pose away, tweet and print your very own Coca-Cola 100 image. Who have you kissed?

The Coca-Cola Centenary Bar is located at 14 Greek Street, Soho and is open from 11am-8pm today and tomorrow. Go get your free Coke while you can!

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