Out and About: Winter Wonderland

Monday, 1 December 2014

Winter Wonderland has definitely become a winter tradition for me over the past few years, I always end up there with someone, somehow! Hyde Park in central London is turned into a gorgeous winter park every year from November until January, with ice-skating, rides, even a circus this year. But just as importantly there is the Christmas market and lots of stalls and bars to eat and drink at. This year I went along with some of my closest pals and Nataly's mum who was a lovely last minute addition to our crew.

Snowman loving is essential..

I'm not gonna lie. I'm the type of girl who holds the bags while her friends go on the rides and was more than prepared to do that again this time...but Nat's mum snuck off and bought us all tickets so I couldn't be rude and decline, no matter how terrified I was!

It was an assault course just to get to the ride!

Absolutely terrifying! I screamed so loud I'm sure the whole of central London heard me!

It was quite a mild night which was nice, but in the dark all the rides are lit up, adding to the magic. Check out the creepy haunted house below.

At the carousel bar you can drink while the carousel spins..obvs i couldn't resist a little spin.

Little bars are dotted all over the park, serving mulled wine and hot cider.

As are various little performances for the crowds entertainment. This little band played swing tunes on a bandstand and they were perfectly christmassy.

Galaxy hot chocolate...

With  a shot of Baileys...

And cream...


This girl had such a soulful voice and they had the crowd up and dancing to reworked versions of 'Happy' and 'Get Lucky'.

Happy 1st December! Christmas is just around the corner and I must say, Winter wonderland defo helped me get into the Christmas spirit. Have you been to Winter wonderland before? Or are you more of a bah humbug?

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  1. This looks so fun! I need to make sure i go this year! I've never been. :(