Tuesday, 9 December 2014

I think the best people to draw inspiration from are the people you already know.
Sure you can be inspired by the likes of a pop star all over the tele or a blogger that seemingly has everything just by writing a few words online and that's all good, but actually the people who make the most impact on us day to day, are the people in our lives, our families and friends, people at work, partners.

At the weekend I headed over to a friends new home to celebrate her birthday and see how the renovations were going. I was sooo impressed with how much they'd got done and their design choices, even the Christmas tree! Ruth is the second friend of mine to buy a place recently, and while buying is not even in my sights just now, it shows me it can be done and is definitely inspiring.

The girls above are mates I've had since I was 11, we all went to school together and 17 years later are still as close as ever. It feels great to know I've got such good friends but even more than that they inspire me. Life is different for twenty somethings now than it used to be or than we had thought it was going to all turn out. A Glamour magazine report found that 56% of readers aged 29-30 are less financially secure than they expected to be and loads of people are living in the family home. House prices are crazy especially in London, but my mates give me a little flicker of hope!

And it's not just property. One of my best mates Louise (often featured on the blog) is retraining in naturopthic nutrition, whilst working full time and another intends to eventually swap her sturdy secure job in law for the wedding videography business she's started with her boyfriend. It felt great to hear her say that she was a little bit inspired by me, with my not so secure lifestyle but absolute commitment and passion for chasing my dreams. A friend I used to be close to recently called off her wedding to the man she had been with for 8 years, much to the shock of everyone, but is now blissfully happy with someone else, and that has inspired me not to settle for less than I deserve in my own relationships.

Adult life comes with its challenges so I like to find inspiration wherever I can. But it means just that little bit more when the people I'm inspired by are my amazing friends. Here's to h

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  1. Lost this post Shan! I totally agree I thought I would at least be engaged in a secure job and preparing for kids in a house we bought.... imagine. But I'm happy to be honest one you start doing things for money you realise that it sucks the happiness out of everything. :(