Out and About: Mexican @ Lupita's and Raleigh Ritchie @ Heaven

Sunday, 30 November 2014

We needed food and we needed food quick. I'd only ever seen Mexican restaurant Lupita on Commercial Road on drives to East London so was quite keen to try it when we saw one near Charing Cross station. Unfortunately, the nachos were pretty standard and my Atun a la plancha (tuna) tacos, were less than satisfying...tough and tasteless. Our Ludwika Paleta vodka cocktail went some way to repairing the damage though by the look on my face in the above picture!

From there we wandered over to Heaven nightclub. I spent much of my early twenties in this nightclub so it was all very nostalgic!

Always time for some posing of course!

This glittery torso has been here for at least 7 years! Silky khaki trousers were picked up at the #VCSWAPSHOP the other week, soo comfy. Body from Primark and yes I know my bra is showing..

First up were The Iyes, Brighton based Electro pop band, lead singer Melis defo has strong baby Banks vibes about her.

Quick wander round...

What a beaut!

And then for the main event, the reason we were all there.

I know him as Jacob Anderson, that's how we met on both our first feature film Adulthood, all those years ago, I didn't even know he could sing back then! slowly but surely jacob, nope Raleigh has been building his singing career (in between more films and a sting on Game of Thrones) and having dropped a few great EP's, it was amazing to support and see him live finally.

Sorry the pics are so far away! Angst ridden lyrics about growing up and painful relationships, raw soulful vocals and big pounding drum beats; Raleigh has soo much energy, jumping and bouncing all over the stage and it really gets the audience going. He seemed genuinely overwhelmed at the support form the audience, which was generally young but very racially mixed. Nice little special guest from Little Simz, who joined him for their collab 'Cuckoo'. A brilliant gig from someone I think we'll as be seeing much more of.

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