Secret Sufi

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Sufi is (now was?) a secret of mine.
Because, you know, not every night do you want to be trying out new restaurants, booking the hip 'it' spots or going to launches only to discover the food is dead out and the waitress is sooo rude you're pretty sure she phlegmmed in your soup. Sometimes you don't want to drive across London only to find nowhere to park or get the Tube to what Google says is the nearest station, for you to have a half hour walk on your hands.

On those nights, you want something hearty, large portions, lovely flavours and easy smiles. You go somewhere you've been before, somewhere comfortable, unpretentious and reliable. Sufi is like that for me.

Proper Persian food as recommended by an Iranian girl I met once, Sufi happens to be located on Askew Road in West London, right near the street I grew up on so great for a bit of nostalgia. It's small but has long tables in the back portion of the restaurant so suitable for large parties and it gets plenty of locals in every night of the week. They also do a take-away service.

I've taken a few dates there (lol) but this week I took a friend. They have a large kiln near the entrance where they make the lovely bread I always get for starters and we had aubergine and yoghurt and garlic dips.

If like me you hate olives, you can still give Sufi's olives a try. They are served in a pomegranate juice so are really really sweet and the only olives I can ever eat. Fact.

Everything about Sufi is traditional. Simple decor, soft lighting, cultural murals and paintings on the walls and a sweet fragrance in the air that is less cloying than incense but still gives that Eastern feel.
The food is simple and filling. My friend had the flat lamb with half basmati rice and half green salad (my meat eater mates love this).

I usually go for the grilled salmon which is always succulent and delicious but this time I went for the aubergine stew.

It was very tomatoey and I would've preferred it a bit spicier but I still ate loads and couldn't actually finish it. The portions look regular but are deceptive, you can never quite eat it all...

Well the Sufi Secret is out. Shanika Says if you're bored of fancy, go traditional. Or don't and I can keep it to myself.

I would link the restaurants website but it weirdly seems to have been hacked!

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