New Year, New Bag

Saturday, 11 January 2014

I do apologise for my long absence from Shanika Says, I had some time off to enjoy a lovely Christmas with my family away from London, a great New Years with friends and then I got struck with an awful virus in the new year which had me bed ridden for a few days and totally out of action. After that I was taken up with a few auditions so I've been super busy! 

Well 2014 is here and with a new year comes a new bag. This little beaut was a Christmas present from my aunt, directly from her boutique on the Isle of Wight and she was named Fern by someone at a project I'm on at the moment. Isn't she pretty? Don't you just want to stroke her? Strangers do, frequently. 

With the new year comes a new diary and I'm utilising the hell out of my 2014 diary already, filling it up with appointments and deadlines and generally trying to be a more organised person than I was last year.  

2014...I'm ready for ya!

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