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Thursday, 30 January 2014

I'm not a million apps type of girl. In fact I'm pretty much a technophobe (I didn't even get an iPhone until 2012 and I'm pretty much crap with computers in general). But as an actor and movie fan this app is right up my street.

Flixster, the app version of the American social movie site is available for free on iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry.
It allows you to browse current box office films, find out cast information, watch trailers and check out Rotten Tomatoes ratings  (Fresh Red tomatoes = 60% or more critics rated positively. Rotten Green tomatoes: 59% or less rated positively) and reviews.

It also uses your location info to tell you where the nearest cinemas are and you can add your usual screens to the favourites section.
My fave bit is checking out upcoming films, as there's a good mix of blockbusters and indie flicks. You can create your own 'Want to See' list too - currently on my list are:

  1. Blue is the Warmest Colour
  2. Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom
  3. Dallas Buyers Club
  4. Her
  5. An Oversimplification of her Beauty
Some of those are defo way overdue, I need to get a move on!
Shanika Says: if you're into film, this app is for you.

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