Saturday, 12 October 2013

A Saturday lunch at KAFF bar in Brixton...


My friend Louise and I went to check out Kaff, a café/bar in the heart of Brixton. Sitting on a corner of Atlantic Road I'm not entirely sure why I've never noticed it before; it's pretty big with full glass fronts on two sides letting in lots of lovely Autumn sunshine. Lou and I were actually the first customers in there so we were able to pick a huge comfy leather sofa on a raised platform next to a huge painted wall with this guy above on. Other than a few sofas, all the rest of the tables and chairs are wooden, and with the menu and music that was played (1950's country and western, lots of Johnny Cash), the wall art and almost graffiti-like walls in the toilets seemed a bit out of place, if I'm honest.

I think I will be back to check out the cocktails as I saw it's £3 all day on certain ones and these ones look pretty interesting..

But as it was pretty early and I'm a tea addict we settled on a nice pot

While the waitress we got was pretty moody (we put it down to a hangover), the chef, Richard Myers, was an absolute darling, joking with us in his Southern drawl and delivering and collecting our plates himself. Myers, from New Orleans, Louisiana has brought his Cajun cooking style over here and incorporated the Caribbean influences of local cooks, for example with Mrs Taylor's Guyanese roti flats (curried potato roti sandwiches with fried cheese), which I had with stuffed shell crab. The idea is that you choose your filling and then your base from a range of Southern options with a few West Indian ones thrown in too (Jambalaya or Cajun seasoned fish compete with jerk lamb and chicken)

My deep fried crab in a cornmeal batter stuffed with Blue Crab on Mrs Taylors Roti flats
Louise's slow cooked Cajun pulled pork on a Louisiana style Po'Boy
To be honest I think Lou lost this battle lol
We rounded it all up with a Waffles Bananas Foster, waffles with a special caramel Bananas Foster sauce and chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Delicious!
Kaff offer a range of food at affordable prices and are really committed to supporting the community in Brixton, using local food suppliers and cake makers for their cake club. They also host a number of different nights, like stand up comedy nights to raise money for local charities. The bar is open until 2am on weekends and they have DJ's spinning, a monthly supper club and a cake club. Shanika Says what's not to love?


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