Eat: Dishoom

Friday, 2 October 2015

I finally got to go and try the Dishoom breakfast and catch up with two of my besties, Lou and Nat in the process. Finally!
I've seen it on so many Instagram pages and blogs and had tried to go for dinner (which was vetoed by a friend on a juice diet...yeah) so to actually make it over to the recently re-opened Covent Garden branch was an achievement in itself. Louise got there early and was shown to a table in 10 minutes which was also a result, as by the time we left there was quite the queue outside.

Cups of warm chai tea and watermelon juices were slurped before our food arrived and we basically all tucked in, sharing it between ourselves.

We ordered the Bombay omelette which has chopped tomato, onion and green chilli inside and is served iwth fire toast and grilled tomato, the bacon naan roll, Akuri, which is spicy scrambled egg served with pau pau buns and teh house granola with Kerala-vanilla yoghurt.

The omelette was nice but pretty standard and the fire toast just tasted like burnt toast...wasn't too impressed with this one but the spicy Akuri eggs were delicious and different and the pillowy soft with just the right amount of crunch pau pau buns were delicious.

Granola was gorgeous! The vanilla yoghurt was heavenly and the fruit was light and fresh. A real winner.

Peppermint tea and polished off plates.

Unfortunately we were sat downstairs so didn't get all the lovely Autumn sunlight and the decor is quite dark and grand, but the framed portraits and old Indian advertising is so charming, as were the display cabinets in each toilet of old Indian medicines.

A fine message that you will definitely be thinking after all that nice food. Dinner has to be had next!

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