Pink Lady

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Dress: Missguided
Wedge heels: River Island

When I was away, I saw a meme on Instagram which I now can't find (HATE that) but it was basically taking the piss out of the idea that girls wear expensive red bottomed heels, slinky dresses and chic make-up for guys - in fact it ended with "fu*k johnny lol"

And I agree.

When I wore this dress on a night out in Tunisia (all the bridesmaids wore pink, bride-to-be wore white), as I slipped into it and worried about nip slips sans tit-tape, guys thoughts on my appearance were the last thing on my mind. I wanted the other girls to like my dress and think I looked hot, I wanted to feel sexy and comfortable enough to slut drop if the feeling took me. It was a hen trip after all! I think most girls dress for other girls.
A big group of us from the hotel went out that night and there was a British girl who was all over a Tunisian guy...the kind of girl who dressed for a guy, maybe. But one night she got chatting to some of the other girls I was with and she confessed that she had been watching us all and we all looked so great and full of confidence. She basically wanted to join our crew!
Because when you see a girl who looks glamorous or edgy or super stylish, you wish you could look like that too, exude that confidence or attitude or whatever it is she's giving off.

I've never been super stylish, I wear what looks good on me or to suit whatever mood I'm in.
I don't dress to get attention from guys, in fact I find it annoying most of the time. I've been in relationships where I've been complimented wildly and consistently to ones where the highest praise I ever received was 'you look pretty', (genuinely don't know how my ego dealt with that one) so I don't really look for it there either. I dress to feel like I good when I look in the mirror. And for my girlfriends to ask me where I got my dress.

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