Out and About: Marco's @ Waterloo Vaults Festival

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Firstly I'd like to apologise for my blogging absence - I've been busy with Pilot season, which for an actor means lots of auditions and self-taping auditions for all the pilots about to be shot in America. So I've been a bit busy with that and have my fingers crossed! Now Marco's could have gone into my 'Eat' category but actually it was way more of an experience than just dining out...yep those are funeral flowers for Toni, who has just died and left his South London Italian restaurant to his nephew Marco. And that's just the beginning!

Marco's is situated on a mezzanine deep in the Waterloo Vaults, as part of the Vaults Festival, which is celebrating all kinds of alternative comedy, theatre, art and shenanigans. We were greeted at the bottom of the stairs by a flirty Marco, his sullen sister Rita and crazy cousin Luca before going up to the charming Italian.

There are two things on the menu at Marco's. Meatballs. And wine.

Dim lighting, red chequered table cloths, black and white family photos on the walls and wine a plenty.

As a veggie I got no meatballs! The spaghetti was pretty standard...

But my aubergine parmegiana was delicious! Gooey cheese, a rich tomato sauce and they didn't skimp on aubergine at all.

The actors keep you entertained with sibling rivalry, sulking, storming up and down and every now and then you'll hear crashing about and loud Italian shouting coming from somewhere you can't see. They even tracked me down a pink knife when I requested one!

BANG! Little did we know, Nataly could handle a gun! I won't give away what happened but how badass does she look?!

After eating we headed in to the gallery area to check out some art.

After all that red wine what else would we do but take spinning pictures?

We got in trouble...

So decided to jump instead!

Please don't ask me why we felt a full on photo shoot was called for. I was going for casual preppy in my Breton top from Zara, khaki trousers from H&M and brogues from River Island.

Connect 4. In a swan! I mean, how fun?

Don't tell me you've never wanted to swing around in a chair made from half a bath tub?

A meal at Marco's will cost you £15 plus £2 booking fee but that includes food, wine and added entertainment. There are 3 sittings a night, running until the 8th March and it's brought to you by the people at Forza Win who I've heard have done amazing pop-ups before. I'd recommend this one. Book tickets here.

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