Introducing: Sid the Stoner Snail

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Inspiration can come from anywhere. And a seemingly random conversation between actor, writer and director Nathan Bryon and his equally talented director extraordinaire girlfriend Theresa Varga, about Nathan's habit of moving snails off the pavement was actually the inspiration for the hilarious comic book character Sid The Stoner. "What if you're actually moving the snail miles and miles of snail miles away from its destination?" wondered Theresa. 6 months, some creative genius from Bryon and some dope illustrations from Daniel Young later, the comic book was born.

Here at Shanika Says I'm all about promoting and bigging up genuine talent and hard work and Nathan Bryon is one of those talented multi-taskers you either hate coz you're jel or love. I love his passion and work ethic! You may remember me reviewing short films by both Nathan and Theresa on the blog here

Sid the Stoner Snail is a comedy comic about a great African snail called Sid who lives with his stoner human mate Wally and all the crazy adventures they get up to. It's definitely a comic for adults and the stoner jokes made me LOL. Sid's x-rated Akon 'Lonely' remix is brilliant!

First episode 'Sid Links Tinder' is, you guessed it, all about Sid's foray into online dating with ruthless dating app Tinder. Bet you didn't know a snail could get catfished?

Currently on sale in Orbital Comics in Leicester Square and Area 51 in Bristol you can also purchase a copy online from The Joke Pit. Support the comic if you wanna see more from the stoner snail!

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