Eat: The Grove Pub and Dining

Monday, 20 October 2014

Autumn is perfect for boots, scarfs and cosy Sunday roasts at a cute pub. Sundays are for relaxing in my book and when I don't have to cook all the better (for me and any potential victims who eat my cooking!). Once a rowdy Irish pub that let underage drinkers in (many a Friday night was spent here as a 16 year old backing Vodka and Red Bulls...ahem...) now there is The Grove, a charming pub overlooking Ealing Green and Ealing Film Studios in West London.

Sleek outdoor signage and al fresco dining area work in partnership with comfy traditional pub features; exposed brickwork, overstuffed leather chairs, and wooden tables for this family friendly pub. A central bar buzzes with friendly staff and just beyond that is the open kitchen and dining tables, as the Grove serves up French and English dishes using fresh seasonal produce.

Sunday meant a Roast for the Boy.

Roast Suffolk farm chicken, Yorkshire pudding with bread sauce, potatoes and veg. The Yorkshire was soooo big I had to get involved! Light, fluffy, perfect.

I went for the Cornish plaice wih crushed potatoes, spinach and a lemon and dill veloute.

The fish was light and melted in your mouth and the sauce! Super creamy with just the right amount of zing.

I've been having a love affair with spinach all year and The Grove had steamed theirs to perfection. It compliented the fish and potatoes perfectly.

Sunday wouldn't be Sunday without pudding. I eschewed the heavier tarts and such for a chocolate and salted caramel parfait.

Chocolate and vanilla ice-cream topped with shavings of chocolate, cocoa powder and a sliver of salted caramel, I was a little misled by the name and disappointed there wasn't more salted caramel, but it was beautifully presented and tasted fine.

I'm sure as winter draws closer I'll be back at The Grove for more. Preferably on a Sunday.

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