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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Autumn is always a good time for drama in the UK. TV programmers have cottoned on to the fact that we need something good on our telly box as the nights get darker sooner and we mourn the summer evenings when we did things al fresco. E4 have got teen drama so right over recent years with Skins and Misfits (although both series' dragged on too long and weren't great in their final seasons) and are back with an 8 part crime drama, Glue.

Set in a fictional village called Overton in the Berkshire countryside, this is country life that is far from idyllic and the first episode which aired on Monday night, featured lots of sex, drugs and wild nights for the youngsters; there was a particularly disturbing scene between Rizzle Kicks star Jordan Stephens (making his screen debut as Rob) and Charlotte Spencer (female jockey Tina) doing drugs with carrier bags over their heads in the bath. Not as sexy as it might sound...

Written by Bafta winning Jack Thorne who has also written for Skins and This is England, this dark drama sees a close knit group of bored and dysfunctional teens rocked by the murder of one of their own, 14 year old Cal, a young Romany gypsy, and thus begins the whoodunnit.
I'm particularly looking forward to what should be a more accurate depiction of Romany gypsys, the subtitles for the Romany and coarse British accents speaking it was a nice touch.

As well as a winning writer, there's a stellar young cast of up and comers, including the amazing Yasmin Paige (Submarine) and some familiar faces like Kierston Waring (Eastenders, Top Boy).

Beautifully shot scenes of country life contrast the seedy recklessness of the drugs and sex and I can already see some love triangle stuff brewing between wild Tina, her drug loving boyfriend Rob and the brooding Eli, older brother of murdered Cal...who also seems to inspire some power struggle between Tina and local Romany cop Ruth (Paige) who was once a part of the gang...

I'll certainly be tuned in to see how secrets unfold. What did you think of Glue?

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