Three Queer Plays for a Fiver!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

To celebrate Pride 2014, Oval House Theatre are presenting a triple-bill of 3 new queer commissions, Transforming Stories, all in development, ALL for a fiver.

BOUND - by Lucy Hutson
"Lucy has been practicing breast binding for years.
She's interested in it's association with sex, safety and secrecy.
She's interested in how it affects people's lives, relationships and sense of self.
She wants to know more about a ritual that has the ability to transform a person.
And she'd like to talk to you about it."
CAFE SALOME - by DeNada Dance Theatre, choreographer Carlos Pons Guerra
"A fantasia of ham and sequins, El Salome is a dingy, Spanish Civil War cabaret, where a feisty troupe of female impersonators fight the advance of fascism through a seductive, riotous show of kitschiest flamenco - hiding from the impending fear of intolerance behind the guise of 1930's divas."
ARtFUnSHACK (There be Dragons here but I carry something of you everywhere you go) - by Evan Ifekoya
"ARtFUnSHACK is a fast moving and interactive art show hosted by Evan. Expect eye-catching visuals and tips for making stuff out of rubbish. By weaving together video, performance and the words of queer heroes, tales of a queer reality seep through. Sound and animation by Squid"
The triple bill runs from Wednesday 25th June to Saturday 28th June, 7:45pm in the Room Upstairs. Unfortunately, the upstairs theatre is not wheelchair accessible.

Box Office: 020 7582 7680

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