Product Review: The Body Shop beautifying oil

Monday, 16 June 2014

I was given a bottle of The Body Shop beautifying oil in Coconut for my birthday in March and I've been using it pretty much nonstop since then so I thought I'd share the joy. The oil comes in a variety of scents including cocoa butter, she, strawberry and mango but coconut has stolen my heart already! 

First off the smell is gorgeous. Tropical and not that synthetic smell you often get with coconut products. The bottle states the oil can be used on the body, face and hair - I haven't tried it on my hair but I run into damp skin as instructed, after a shower and allow to air dry. It's an oil but its not greasy, a little goes a long way and it leaves a nice sheen on your skin, perfect for summer. 

Over the past couple of months I've really noticed an overall improvement in the softness of my skin. Well my gay friend stroked my thigh all through dinner because he said my legs felt so soft, so if that's not a good co-sign I don't know what is!
However, I would recommend using the oil at night before bed and not as a substitute for a daytime moisturiser as it isn't quite nourishing enough to last for long periods of time, for black or very dry skin. 

Overall, a great inexpensive skin are treat coming in at just £9. You don't have to use loads so it lasts quite a while too. 
Rating: 7 out of 10

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