Birthday Bonanza: Part 1

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

I'm a year older if not wiser!

Having not had a big birthday celebration for the past few years, this year I decided to do something, to get my friends together and party. I didn't want to do anything too glitzy or expensive and wanted somewhere I would actually be able to have a natter with people. In the end I went for The Playhouse a bar in West London that serves burgers and sides, drinks in ratchet red cups (my fave), has a dance floor for raving to the old school garage and house vibes as well as an outdoor area for smoking shisha.

I was completely overwhelmed by the number of my friends who turned up and touched by how well my mates from different groups and phases of my life mixed and caught up on the gossip since the last time I'd brought them together. Most of the pictures are too ratchet to put up on here and will instead be saved for a photo album...but this is what I wore:

Top: Vintage
Skirt: Topshop
Shoes: Zara
Bag: River Island

The day of my actual birthday started with crepes. Yes, I know pancake day was the other week but guess what I don't caaaareeeeee.

La Petite Bretagne is an adorable little French crepe place in Hammersmith, with French music playing and French staff chatting away in their native tongue and reading the menu in their sexy accent; very authentic!

All the savoury crepes are made with buckwheat flour and are gluten and wheat free. We went for the Veggie (cheese, spinach and mushrooms) and a Paimpol (mozzarella, tomato, fresh basil and substituted the ham for chicken)

You can watch your crepes being made and see how fresh the produce is; we literally saw the fresh basil being cut and sprinkled on.

La Petite Bretagne is also a deli where you can stock up on French bits, I for one will be back for a jar of salted caramel!

There is a vintage French village charm and although it was empty when we arrived just before noon it filled up rapidly for lunch so booking a table would be advised if you're making a special visit.

After devouring our savoury crepes washed down with award winning farmyard apple juice from Suffolk, we ordered our sweet crepes.

I ordered the Eton Mess because I love Eton Mess and wanted to see how it worked. Having overheard that it was birthday my crepe came out with candles - awwwww! 

While it was the right combination of cream, strawberry and coulis to pancake I was a little disappointed that there weren't actually meringue bits as this is what I was most interested in seeing how it worked with the crepe.

The boy had a Breton Treat - salted caramel, apple and cinnamon - tasted delish! We worked out that salted caramel basically tastes like melted Werthers Originals and the apples were just sweet enough. I didn't taste the cinnamon at all though so maybe they needed more than a sprinkle as promised on the menu!

All in all La Petite Bretagne is cute, the service is great and the crepes were lovely, I'd definitely recommend!

After we finished, we hopped on the tube down to the Tate Modern gallery to check out a few exhibitions. London is such a treasure trove of culture and we have so many museums and galleries that are often free to the public like the Tate Modern is, and we should all make more of them. The chance to open our minds creatively is a beautiful thing, made even more beautiful by the freeness! As Londoners, we often miss out on opportunities that are on own doorsteps, so I'm going to try my best to soak up as much as I can this year.

My favourite exhibitions were Poetry and Dream and the photography by Henry Callahan.

It's the perfect date or you could take a friend who'e visiting as a great way to spend an afternoon before your evening plans...which is exactly what the boy was doing but more on that later!

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