Friday, 28 February 2014

On Monday evening I was invited down to the #vcswapshop14 event for bloggers at The Gallery Soho (still don't feel totally comfortable calling myself a blogger...feels a bit wanky, but I blog so hey ho!)
It was a novel way to encourage us to tackle our wardrobe waste and a chance to meet other bloggers while we did some thrifty, no free shopping!

The idea was we had a bit of a clear out of our wardrobes, which wasn't easy in itself as I'm a notorious hoarder, and selected 5 items that were a bit unloved/underused to bring along - either clothes, shoes or accessories. I brought along my good friend Nataly who has recently started her own sweet blog Sand and Sugar and upon our arrival we handed in our items in exchange for a card which was stamped, we even got an extra stamp for having promoted the event on our social networks.

We did a bit of mingling and I bumped into Michelle from Virgos and Kisses who I actually know from the film world, with her being my favourite runner on Victim, a film I did a few years back alongside Ashley Madekwe of Ring My Bell.
We grabbed some cocktails and sweets (Nataly and I are not too posh to drink mojitos out of wine glasses if you are to ever run out of tall glasses.)

We also checked out the tights customisation corner from Pinned It! Made It! and manicure areas although sadly I didn't end up doing either! Glitter, crystals and even multi-coloured pom poms...they so woulda gone with my Crown Love vest that I'm wearing here.

Did a bit of posing in my lovely new Blanc lather Palladium boots that I was gifted the other week.

But the real action was upstairs. So that's where we headed for some serious rail rummaging, with the rails divided into items worth 1, 2 or 3 stamps.

We did a couple of rounds of the rails but it was pretty crowded and they were constantly bringing up new items as more people arrived, so we took a quick photo booth break...I love photo booths at events, they always allow you to capture the moment and this particular booth from Say Fromage was cool in that you could Tweet or Facebook the pictures straight from the booth and you could also print multi-shot prints or select a single photo. Also Andre the guy who was helping with the booth was lovely.

Michelle is defo a pouter haha!

We did a bit more mooching around the rails then peeled off to a corner to see what we had found. I hadn't done too badly actually and Natters and I kept running over to each other with items saying "Babe, I think you'd look great in this!"

Drank some more cocktails...

By this point we definitely needed to soak up some of the alcohol a bit..

We basically waited by the door for the food to come out we were that craven...chicken strips for Nat and Cajun fries for me with hot sauce and lime mayo by Mother Clucker. Very nice!
We had a chat with a few other bloggers about what bits they had snapped up and got chatting to the the lovely Sharon from Thrift My Style and Lucy of Lucy J Loves about how long they had been blogging and the importance of finding your own voice online.

We all managed to come away with some good bits, highlights for me were some polka-dot joggers, a sheer white top, a red vintage dress and a gorgeous River Island T...and one booby prize, some leather leggings that I should have tried on but didn't and they are teeeny! I will be donating them to a local charity shop, just like any remaining items from the event, which were sent to Oxfam in the morning.


  1. Hi there!! Fabulous post of the evening and your photos are lovely- thank you for the mention and it was so nice to meet you and Nataly too! x

  2. ah this event!
    sounds like you had fun.
    my highlight was defo the Motherclucker (and the cocktails)