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Thursday, 27 February 2014

I met Kirsty and Hannah at college 10 years ago (OMG I'm old). Now while Kirsty and I stayed close, Hannah went to uni outside of London and then had a job that took her abroad a lot, so our trios meet ups are few and far between. We tend to meet as a 3 once a year, always promising to meet up more; hopefully this year we will.

Anyway, I was left to arrange this years get together so I chose somewhere I'd been dying to try since seeing it on As a pescetarian, Fish Bone, a pop-up restaurant in Notting Hill that offers a fast food take on fish, was right up my street. Housed in the private dining room of Kensington Place fish brasserie, the menu was specially created by head chef Dan Loftin, inspired by the successful summer menu.
They've crammed in a few metal tables and chairs as well as a central bench for larger parties as the pop-up only seats 36, crammed in pretty close actually, there were a few 'Excuse me's as new diners tucked into their tables around us. We were there quite a while you see. They're going for an upmarket Hamptons beach shack vibe, complete with neon signs on the wall and they hit the mark. Service was warm and helpful, the waiters even frequently closed the door that let in a draft every time someone left, the only design flaw.

The food. We ordered every main on the brief menu after being reassured that this was quite normal - phew!

Prawnish Pasty: delish, crumbly pastry with a delicately spiced prawn filling. Very yum.
Crab Bhajis with yoghurt, cucumber and dill: I attacked these, Hannah and Kirsty weren't so keen.
Fried Wings with spiced pepper mayonnaise: perfect bites of tender skate fish. The sauce was great.
Battered Haddock with tartare sauce: no better or different to something you could get anywhere but the tartare sauce was nice, not too overpowering.
Tuna Burger with sesame, soy and radish: a little undercooked for my taste and went cold quickly but a lovely soft bun and easy to divide up.
Salmon Doner: basically a smoked salmon kebab. I thought I'd hate it but it was light and tasty.
Scallopdog: a hotdog made from scallop meat with brown shrimp and cucumber vierge. Don't really think the texture of the shrimp and scallop worked together but worth a try because when else will you eat a scallopdog?!
Triple-cooked chips and Onion rings: Moreish!

We thought about dessert. This could be our only meet up of the year! We went for it.

Sticky toffee cheesecake sundae: light whipped layers of cream and ice-cream, chunks of soft brownie, crumbly toffee biscuity bits. So, sooo good.

Shanika Says: Fish Bone is only open until 31st March, Tuesday to Saturday. Get down there!

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  1. I heard of this place! Its supposed to be amazing... i need to go before it goes! x