And You Don't Know Why You Cry...

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I'm so wrapped up in my heartbreak
I don't notice that your heart aches
So you find solace in a bottle and the
Nicotine that fills your lungs
On those late nights in the arms of
Someone who treats you with disdain and
Is immune to your pain
And you don't know why,
Why you cry
Or you do know, you just don't want to think about it,
To dig beneath the surface and be forced to address
The things about your past that make the present so dark
Because that might be worse than emotionless sex or running back to your ex
And I don't even see that you
Don't know why you cry
But I'm supposed to be your friend
It's you that I turn to again and again
To discuss everything from the life changing to the mundane
But when I ask you what's wrong
Your eyes fill with shame
And you tell me you still don't know why
Why you cry
And to forget it, just you being stupid, nothing to worry about at all
But now I'm afraid every time you don't answer my call
And I envision you sitting with your back against the wall
Tears falling into your vodka
Thoughts rushing that you don't want to decipher
And you certainly can't explain
So you breathe in the smoke to anaesthetise the pain
Tomorrow you'll wake up and do the same thing again
Because you still don't know why
Why you cry
I didn't see the tears in your eyes because of your smile
Or the escapism behind our drunken nights
But now I know it seems glaringly obvious
And I can't help but wonder how I missed this
All I want to say is
I don't care why
Why you cry
Just please know that you can cry with me.


  1. The way in which you articulated the depth of your emotions within each stranza of this poem humbled me. (Realtalk).....reminded me of a past relationship that taught me alot about myself and the agendas of others..Lovex