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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Sometimes, convos are so deep that you don't even want to take pictures of yourself or each other, You leave it all to the food, because when discussing matters of love and heartbreak you can't bring yourself to crack a smile. That was the kind of the deal when a friend and ended up wandering to MUD in Tooting, a cute and new-ish place that serves brunch and coffee.

Lemony Lemonade!

Being a sunny day, I always try and soak up a few rays so we headed out to the tiny little garden in the back, walking past the rows of benches and the kitchen. The little courtyard garden houses 4 tables and benches and a little shed, with adorable strawberries growing in pots on the wall.

I don't eat meat but the Breakfast Burger looks pretty good - brioche bun with pork patty, streaky bacon substituted for avocado, burford brown egg, potato cakes and homemade tomato ketchup.

I went for the sweetcorn fritter stack and was more than happy with my decision! Corn fritters, avocado and chilli jam with egg that I asked for scrambled. The spicy sweetness of the chilli jam tasted great with egg and the smashed avocado was a perfect partner for the corn fritters. A touch too much coriander, but then I'm not a fan. Other than that, a delicious alternative brunch dish, should be on more brunch menus!

Food helps heartbreak. And brunch like this has to beat ice cream and wine, which would be my go to but as it's not my heartbreak I didn't get to decide ;)

MUD serve brunch and coffee daily until 3pm. A nice SW London addition.

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