Go: Secret Cinema, Star Wars

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be offered free tickets to go down to Secret Cinema: Star Wars.
Having never even watched Star Wars (any, ever!) I was worried I wouldn't relate or enjoy the experience, but I was so wrong! Secret Cinema specialise in 'immersive cinema experience' often in a themed location that ticket holders find out about last minute, and sometimes with live interaction elements. Last year's 'Back To The Future' screenings occupied the whole of the Olympic Park in East London which was transformed into Hill Valley. I thoroughly enjoyed the screening of 'Empire Strikes Back', but not as much as the epic world Secret Cinema have created.

I can't give too much away, what with it being secret and all, but when you register you are given a rebel identity, complete with costume information and items to bring along, As soon as you arrive, actors are ushering you along and the unwavering commitment to the story and world that you now inhabit really helps set the tone. Inside it's well worth talking to everyone from security to stall holders and stopping in on as many interactive scenes as you can. I will say my friend and I sneaked, bartered and hustled our way all over the sprawling and authentic set. Unfortunately your phones and any cameras are sealed up pretty soon on arrival and we all signed contracts to say we wouldn't reveal the nature of anything from sets to these were pictures from before we went inside.

Dress up if you can! People really do go all out as you can see from the above pic. My friend and I felt decidedly underdressed. My Princess Leia style buns were a nod...and the scarves were absolutely pivotal. Also try the halloumi fries with pomegranate molasses and seeds. I literally don't know why you can't get these everywhere!

Secret Cinema: Star Wars opens to the public today and runs until September the 27th.

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