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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

It's January. We all know we ate too much of mums Christmas dinner, not to mention all day long drinking is not just accepted but practically expected in December. But January is here. And we all want to get a little virtuous, whether that be joining the gym or just cutting the crap from our diets. In comes Ethos, a new vegetarian concept restaurant, conveniently located just behind Tophsop in Central London (don't act like you are ignoring the sales).

Ignoring the vegetarian hippy stereotype, thank God, the restaurant decor is sleek and chic - all white tiles, marble tables, blue furniture and modern tree branch feautures. I don't know, it works somehow!
But now. The. Food.

Hummus, guacomole and olives looked great as starters but I kinda just jumped right in there..

Every bowl and plate is bursting with colour and goodness at this self-serve restaurant. Founder, Jessica Kruger started Ethos out of a frustration from only being able to find boring and limited vegetarian options easily available on the high street. Ethos delivers fresh, 'deliciously different' meat free options, with dishes from around the world. They are grouped into foods that work well together but to be honest, after circling every beautifully laden table, I just wanted to try it all and heaped as much as I could onto my plate.

I just had to try these spicy seitan smoky BBQ ribs. They weren't actually spicy, but the BBQ sauce was smokily sweet.

The staff were friendly and very helpful, cracking jokes and making us feel completely welcome.


The way it works at Ethos is that you load up your plate and pay by weight. Simple but effective huh?
My plate came to roughly £15 and my friends' to roughly £20, so they're January purse friendly too.

This was my pretty full plate. The roasted aubergines were divine, the mustard and spiced potatoes fluffy, the loubeih (Lebanese green beans in a tangy cherry tomato sauce) a perfect side. The anti-oxidant salad basically made me feel like a Victoria's Secret Angel ate the same food as me.

Apparently the coffee is pretty good and they do take-aways too.

Even the Christmas decorations were stylish!

Ethos are also doing hot breakfasts at the minute and offer brunch at the weekend. Must try.
I was in no way sponsored to write this, I just really loved the food!

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  1. I've been wanting to reduce my meat in take for a while but find it so difficult to eat more veg - this may be the push I needed. I will defo try it out. Everything looks so delish!