Eat: Death by Burrito @ The Candlemaker

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

When we found The Candlemaker pub nestled on Battersea high street, it felt a bit like stumbling on a cool Shoreditch bar...but this is South London so the vibe was a little more chilled and a little less contrived. The staff were still pierced and tattooed but really friendly and helpful and while most of the clientele were in there twenties there were a few patrons you could tell had just popped into their local for a few drinks.

I'm a big fan of Mexican food so was very excited to try Death By Burrito from the Rebel Dining Society, who having previously had a pop up at Catch bar in Shoreditch, now have a permanent home at The Candlemaker for their contemporary Mexican street food. Maybe they nicked their staff too? But first drinks!

We saw the frozen Margarita machine and were going to go for those but our friendly barman suggested some of The Candlemaker's home-made bottled cocktails which were the same price (£6.50) so we went for those instead.

We went for Oh my Pie! - Cinnamon vodka, Disaronno, apple, lemon and cane sugar but our fave was the Whiskey Shed - Jack Daniels honey, pineapple, lemon and honey. Yum!

Now the food. Being Good Friday both Kirsty and I went for fish; the Baja fish burrito for me and the tequila and beer battered Death by Burrito burger with lime and chilli mayo for Kirsty. The fish burger was served on deliciously soft, sweet brioche bun and the fish burrito had a nice spicy kick.

We also had fries which came with chipotle ketchup; the smoky sweet flavour was a nice touch.

My friend Portia joined us a bit later on and went for the chilli and Agave glazed chicken wings. (She forgot it was Good Friday which means fish and then felt terrible LOL)

On Sundays, DBB do bigger dishes like baby back ribs, flat iron chicken and stuffed aubergine served with sweet potato mash, spicy slaw and salsa. On Monday's The Candlemaker have a quiz night and I also spotted various board games dotted about, including my absolute favourite Articulate.

There is some nice art referring to the proximity of the old candle making factory from which the pub gets its name, a knight in shining armour and softly lit outdoor areas that would be lovely to relax in during warmer weather.

Shanika Says: The Candlemaker has a wonderfully chilled vibe and later on they were playing some on point hip hop, both old and new. I'll be back to sip home-made cocktails outside when we get some proper sun!


  1. I have to go here! The food looks lush! x

  2. Wow that food looks insane! xx