Hawker House: Street Feast

Sunday, 8 December 2013

I am Queen of the Quirky date. I enjoy cinema, dinner and theatre dates as much as the next girl but I love to do something a tad bit different so when I read about the Street Feast night market at Hawker House, I knew I wanted to bring the boy here. When I found out there were only 2 weekends left of the 6 week pop up at a disused factory just off the Hackney road in east London, I knew I had to get down there pretty sharpish! Inspired by the hawker centres of Singapore, it's a great indoor and therefore warm space to eat, drink and hear some music. 

We headed down on Friday night (the market is only open Friday and Saturday nights) at about 9pm, which meant we missed the freeness (free entry is from 5 until 7 and then free again from midnight, £3 each between and 7 and 12) and also that we had a bit of queuing to do to get in. 

You queue alongside this Smokestak grill however and the smoke and barbecued meat smell definitely got some excited!

We headed inside and did a quick lap of the space to see exactly what was on offer before making any food related decisions. Now the crowd are most definitely of the hipster variety with beards and nerd glasses everywhere but don't let that put you off! There was a lovely vibe with people asking for opinions on what food you were tucking into. The flowing alcohol probably helped too - there is a hot bar for hot alcoholic beverages, I'd recommend the hot apple spiced rum, as well as a whiskey bar and wine specialist bar. 

Food wise there is plenty to sample and you can try a few little bites of a number of different cuisines - win!
The boy was very excited about beef rather than pork ribs and so Smokestak  was our first port of call. 

The beef rib was demolished as you can see!

Vegetarian and pescetarian options admittedly weren't as wide and varied as for the meat eaters but I found Baba G's where they fused Indian food with a Mexican style in a biryani burrito, I mean how amazing does that sound?

My cheeky server layered mint yoghurt, red cabbage, rice, mighty masala fish, like juice and spiced paneer cheese onto a naan bread and rolled it all up for me. Absolutely heavenly!

The slider bar had little mini burgers and there were these delightful little roadsliders at Rola Wala, mini naans served right off the tava and topped with lamb or chana dal. 

Mama's Jerk looked delicious but we have Caribbean food a lot so we opted for tacos. 

The tuna tacos at Bobs Lobster van were  divine, light, zingy, crunchy just...yum!

We would have loved to try some of the desserts...

...but we were just too stuffed! 
So we wandered about, listened to some music and soaked up the vibe. 

Someone even got a cheeky little chicken wing from the Smokestak guys on the way out...

Next week is the last week so Shanika Says: get down there! The street food  phenomenon is here to stay and Street Feast at Hawker House is a great (warm!) way to try it out.

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