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Saturday, 28 September 2013


                           How cool is this changing room? Looks like I'm stepping into heaven!   

Dress: £6.49 H&M sale bargain
Shoes: £24.99 H&M
Over the knee socks: Primark (I think!)
Bag: Zara

This week I met up with my friend and 'Victim' co-star Natasha Sparkes for a catch up at Brixton Village. We had a bit of a look around some of the cool vintage shops and checked out a few of the restaurants to decide where we wanted to eat. Seven had a lovely candle lit, rough and ready ambience but was very busy so we settled on an adorable Mexican place, Casa Morita. The Margarita's were strong and sweet and only a fiver (happy days) and while we weren't overly impressed with the presentation of the tacos and quesadillas they actually tasted fine and were a good price. All in all very cheap and cheerful.
Brixton Village boasts a number of little deli's, cafe's and restaurants offering cuisine from all over the world, I saw Mexican, Thai, Latin, Italian and good old Honest burger. Casa Morita is so little that diners have to pop across the way to Bukowski's to use their toilet, and I was charmed by the toilets covered in poems by the poet Charles Bukowski.

Shanika Says: have a look here to see some of the other places to eat in Brixton Village.

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