Saturday, 23 June 2012

Yesterday, Victim came out in cinemas across the UK and I'm very excited about it!
It's a film that was written by friends of mine and was made with a lot of love and passion from all involved, from cast to crew. We've waited a long time for it to finally be released and everybody at the gala screening really enjoyed and was touched by it. To celebrate the release here are a few snaps taken on set.

Tell a friend to tell a friend, support British Film and go see Victim at a cinema near you!

Me sandwiched between Jazon Maza (Manny) and Michael Maris (Jason)

Anna and I with lovely leading lady Ashley Madekwe who played Tia...freezing in our warm coats!

Natasha Sparkes (Yaren), Anna Nightingale (Davina) and me (Charmaine)

On set during our nightclub scenes doing shots of water! Very fun day

One of my favourite pictures from on set



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